• Programming

    We recognize that most organizations simply view programming as a means to an end. Yet we love programming, we do it well, and we ask a fair price for it. A win-win scenario for both our clients and us. We can provide turn-key solutions, or work as a member of your programming team. The choice of programming tools & languages is fully dictated by our client's requirements. Some of the programming languages that we've used are: ADS/O, Assembler, Basic, C, Cobol, Fortran, Java, JavaScript, NewtonScript, Pascal, PHP, PL/1, Ruby, Swift2, W-Language. Some of the development environments that we've used are: Eclipse, NetBeans, TSO-SPF, WinDev & Xcode. Frameworks that we've used are: .Net, CICS, POJO, Rails. Some of the operating systems that we've developed on are: Apple OS X, DOS, IBM AS/400, IBM OS 370, HP RSTS/E, VMS, MS-Windows. We've successfully developed both desktop and web based applications. In short, we're versatile.

    Universal Modeling Language (UML); Sequence Diagram
  • Web Site Development

    We've developed a variety of web sites. We can provide you with simple HTML - CSS sites created and maintained via Adobe's Creative Suite (Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver). Sites, for easy blogging via WordPress. Sites with content management (CMS) and beyond via Drupal. But our specialty is providing transactional web sites, programmed from the ground up with Ruby on Rails. We'll help put your business online.

    Site map
  • Business Process Modelling

    We can help review, clarify and review business processes. In today's lean & keen organizations, most of us are busy getting our jobs done. Procedures tend to evolve over time and people sometimes loose site of the overall situation. Within an organization, we tend to forget that the entire team doesn't always fully understand what the others are doing and why. BPM modelling techniques and reviews help make processes clean and simple.

    Business Process Model
  • Database design

    Unless you're an IT professional, database design may mean very little to you or even make your eyes glaze over. But data, presented the right way, at the right time can give you a competitive advantage. When structured correctly, it is fast to retrieve, easy to maintain and useful. Structured poorly, it is a resource wasting nightmare. We have designed and maintained databases using a variety of tools. A few of them are: Postgres, MySql, MS-Sql, Hyperfile, IDMS-DB, ISAM, VSAM, X-Base and even flat files. Data design is critical, we do it right.

    Data model; Entity Relationship diagram
  • Web site hosting

    It's not enough to simply design & implement a web site. Ongoing search engine optimization, site analytics, protection from malicious attacks are all legitimate concerns. If desired, we offer full ongoing support for the sites that we deliver. Domain name registration, email hosting, source code management, site hosting & monitoring. Decide on the level of support that you require. We can manage it all.